Rani Bora

Rani Bora
Rani Bora

Dr Rani Bora

MRCPsych, MB BS, Accredited EFT Master Trainer, PGCE

Consultant Psychiatrist

Contact: www.ranibora.com

Rani is a practising consultant psychiatrist in the NHS. She uses a unique approach to psychiatric consultation, coaching and therapy.

Consultation bookings –
You can ask for 1-1 sessions and/or Half-day individual Immersive Breakthrough sessions. Out-of-hours and weekend appointments can also be arranged.

Rani believes in the empowering concept of “innate mental health” i.e. a state we all were born into, whereby every individual regardless of their circumstance has within them the potential to be mentally and emotionally healthy. Rani’s treatment approach incorporates the best of traditional psychiatry, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and the Three Principles. She will listen and devote ample time to understand your personal story and current challenges. During your psychiatric consultation, you will learn practical cutting-edge strategies to manage your stressful emotions. You will begin to transform your life from experiencing a new deeper understanding of your situation.

Rani’s expertise are in a range of areas – these include phobia, anxiety and mood disorders, psychosis, addiction, relationship difficulties, work related stress, maximizing productivity, performance at work and personal development.

For more information on Rani’s work and client testimonials visit her website – https://ranibora.com