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Deborah Sugden
Savvy Tot Sleep
can find the solution
Sleep Clinic

: 07914 921222

-Difficulties settling your baby/child?
-Disturbed nights?
-Tired & exhausted?
-Feeling out of control?

How we work:
We will send you a questionnaire and a sleep/routine diary followed by an initial 1 hour consultation providing a solution focused assesment for you and your child.

Our Philosophy:
We believe that at all times babies and children should feel secure in falling asleep and staying in their own room.

We have no doubt that good sleep is a skill that can be taught and learned.

There are many reasons why babies and children have poor sleep patterns, but very few have a sleep disorder.

Through counselling we provide the direction to break previously unsuccessful patterns.

We believe in a family approach and encourage the whole family to come for the initial consultation.

Who we are:
Deborah has been working with parents and children for over 30 years in the NHS.

She has been a working mother so understands the necessity of a good nights sleep.

Specialises in sleep difficulties in babies and young children.

Holds professional qualifications in nursing, health visiting and counselling.

We offer a core 4 week package which includes an initial consultation and weekly telephone support to monitor progress.

We offer a package for babies from 3-6 months of age to initiate a workable sleep routine (useful for parents returning to work).

Additional consultations are also available.

Packages start from £95.

Savvy Tot Sleep can find the solution.