About Us

Holmedale Health is now owned and managed by Karen and Tim Charlton.

Karen is no stranger to Holmedale Health as she managed the reception and bookings for many years.

Holmedale was built in 1879 and the adjoining extension in 1973.

It was a GP’s surgery for 75 years and home to the Pereira Gray family. Professor Sir Denis was the third generation to operate as a GP from the house and his brother Jonathan became an eminent architect, designing and supervising the extension construction when the practice outgrew the house. The house has survived much over the years including the devastating effect of a bomb in 1942 which deposited much of the Maynard school tennis court in the attic rooms!

In Dec 2007 the St Leonard’s Medical Practice finally outgrew Holmedale and moved to a new building some 300 metres away.

A few words about Holmedale Health from Sir Denis Pereira Gray OBE

Holmedale Health is a modern, imaginative, development in a house steeped in medical history. Great time and trouble has been taken by Martin and Gaynor to refurbish both the house and the medical facilities.

Well located, close to the centre of Exeter, Holmedale Health offers pleasant, light, well converted rooms, suitable for modern health care.

It is a special pleasure for me, having seen both my family grow and the family practice develop in this house, to see the future being built so effectively on the past.

Sir Denis Pereira Gray OBE