You will find links here to those of our practitioners who have websites and wish to direct you towards them.

Similiarly we have listed websites that we think may be of interest. Please remember that not all these sites are Holmedale Health, when you click on them you may be leaving our site.

Private Psychologists

Dr Claire Bazen-Peters – Clinical Psychologist
Dr Shelley Bennett 
Michael Cohen – Counselling Psychologist
Dr Anabelle Denney – Chartered Clinical Psychologist
Dr Emma Greatbatch
Dr Sean Lynch 
Dawn Materaki 
Dr Phil Moore – Clinical Psychologist
Dr Adam Morgan – Clinical Psychologist
Bridie Probyn – Clinical Psychologist
Dr Tracey Rydin-Orwin – Clinical Psychologist
Dr Ståle Rygh 
Dr Mary Welford – Clinical Psychologist

Clinical Partners Psychologists

Dr Shelley Bennett 
Dr Sean Lynch 
Maria Rodriguez-Bernal 
Dr Tracey Rydin-Orwin – Clinical Psychologist
Dr Ståle Rygh 
Agnes Zalewska 


Tony Bryant 
Holly Carter
Nicky Loram 
Dinah Mears
Phil Self 

Health Assessments

Bupa Health Assessment Centre


Pete Luce – Hypno-psychotherapist
Maria Rodriguez Bernal – CBT/DBT Psychotherapist
Rose Southall – Kairos Counselling
Sarah Stone – Kairos Counselling
Ziva Weaver

Medico-legal reporting

Please follow this or this link to various Medico Legal Reporting Websites that may be able to help you.

Dr Martin Andrew – Consultant Psychiatrist
Dr David Bickerton – Consultant Psychiatrist
Sam Hunter – Ortho Surgeon
Dr Phil Moore – Clinical Psychologist
Jon Phillips – Orthopaedic Surgeon
Dr Simon Wearne – GP Insurance Claims
Dr William Thomas – Exeter Shoulder and Elbow consultant


Helen Beaver 
Sandra Glover 
Kate Guest – Coaching and Hypnotherapy
Trevor Hoskisson – Hypnosis, Hypno-Coaching NLP
Jackie Karkeek – Clinical Hypnotherapist
Pete Luce – Hypno-psychotherapist
Alexia Smith – Clinical Hypnotherapist


Kate Guest – Coaching and Hypnotherapy
Trevor Hoskisson – Hypnosis, Hypno-Coaching NLP


Sharon Reynolds 


Lee Moden – Classical Acupuncture


Ruth Harvey – Pod&Pea Nutrition

Health, Food & Allergy Testing

Sarah Flower – Nutrition and Author

Musculoskeletal Specialist

Richard Rendle – Ultra sound guided injections

Medical Aesthetics

Skin Beautiful Medical & Cosmetic Clinic – Helen Bowes   Aesthetic/anti ageing medicine & IV nutrition
Adam Colston – Exeter Medical Aestethics
Dr Faizan Irshad – Medical Aesthetics and Private Health Care

OH Assist Doctors

Janet Dale
Dr Sam Flynn
Angela Gray
Dr Tolani 
Christine Sandercock


Dr Angela Ambrose 
Dr David Bickerton – Consultant Psychiatrist
Dr Elin Davies 

Red Earth Consultancy

Vivienne Carnt 

Exeter Visual Stress Clinic

Donna Cartlidge – Orthoptics

Health Management

Dr John Reynolds – Consultant Rheumatologist


Dr Rajendra  Sharma – Integrated Health Physician

Physical and Psychological Therapy

Claire Makarewicez

Bowen In Devon

Jane Flaxington


Jennifer King – Reflexology & Wellbeing


Terri Bainbridge – Thermographer
Lisa Portman – Thermographer

Sleepy Tots

Deborah Sugden – Health Visitor, Baby and Child Sleep Specialist

One-to-one Yoga

Wendy Brooking

The Naturopathic Gym

Stewart Mitchell – Naturopath – Medical Educator

Travel Health Clinic

James Moore

Hearing Services and Ear Wax Removal

Imperial Hearing

Camoflague make-up

Changing Faces

Devon Lifestyle Medicine

Charlotte Chandler
Lucie Wilk